What I’ve learned in the earlier months of a Startup — 15 tips.

As a Co-Founder of a Startup, I’ve acquired certain knowledge that I’d like to share with you. 15 tips that could help you a lot.

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Sell your business model. Record it in your mind.

8.- Talking about resources, always keep in mind that everything you do cost money and time. And time is probably the most important resource in the early stage of a Startup. For that, it is incredibly important to have a good strategy of product at the same time as a good user acquisition strategy. Every decision you made, the more you have to invest.

Garages? We are in 2019!

11.- Income projections are useless without a good marketing strategy. Define your plan. Where do you want to be? Is your project scalable? When do you think you reach break-even? Numbers in the early stages are just smoke.

Product Manager at z1.digital. Previously scope.ink.